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Services & Workshops

Promoting peace, awareness, compassion and inner wisdom by guiding families to awaken to the amazing mystery of birth, and by supporting families to connect with their intuitive loving nature to protect, bond, cherish, and nurture. My intention is for every pregnant woman and family to have a “voice” and to be educated, supported, respected, and confident throughout their journey from pregnancy through parenthood.


All services and workshops are developed based on the needs and interests of the client. Once goals, expectations, and outcomes are discussed, each specific program, regardless of subject matter, is designed and built from the foundation of inclusion, joy, forgiveness and connection.  Pricing is reasonable and dependent on the specific program requested and time required.

Perinatal Services

Mindful Birthing Childbirth Education 

Now available on ZOOM

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Use the power of being prepared to have a positive and loving labor experience. Topics include signs and stages of labor, non-medical comfort techniques' medical interventions; empowerment, trust and deepening the connection with the process. The role of the labor partner is highly emphasized and supported.​

Labor Support/Doula Services

Provides a positive birth environment and experience by helping women and partners stay empowered and calm during the birth of their infant. By offering continued advocacy, comfort measures, coping techniques, and sensitive emotional support for the duration of your labor, your energy and attention can remain focused on the amazing process of birth. 

Infant Massage

 Fostering love, compassion, and respect, while improving general well-being, circulation, muscle tone, sensory and body awareness​.  Also promotes relaxation and helps babies self-regulate, which reduces crying.

Personal Development & 

Parent Education Workshops


Speaking engagements      Staff training

Seminars      Workshops      Classes      Retreats


 Sample of topics offered:

“The Importance of Character and Ethics”

“Communication and Conflict Resolution”

“Power of Proactive Parenting”

“Understanding the Newborn”

“Parenting through the Eyes of a Child”

"Mindfulness Meditation Series for adults and children"

“Sacred Mothering”

“Self Mothering”   

What Attendees Have Said

  • “Brenda was a wonderful leader, teacher and facilitator for our retreat. The information and activities presented were relevant and at a quick and steady pace. The presentation did so much to bring clarity and unification to our leadership team.” 

  • “Very pertinent and wonderfully enlightening. Brenda has done a magnificent job in guiding my husband and I toward positive parenting.”

  • “You are great! You connect so marvelously with the audience- you’re not above and beyond us, you are with us. Thanks for everything.”

  • I like Brenda’s positive, upbeat approach.  She is a great communicator and keeps any discussion on track.  She’s human and give relevant examples”.

  • “Excellent! I’ve had the best 3 weeks with my child in a long time!”

About the Speaker

   Brenda has worked with thousands of children and families, specializing in parenting education, communication, child/human development, and pregnancy related issues.  Throughout her career, she has provided numerous training programs and seminars throughout Southern California for such places as The Walt Disney Company, the California School Psychologist Conference, hospitals, schools, and churches.  Brenda has also lectured on the national level, and has appeared on radio and television, promoting the health and wellbeing of the individual and family unit, focusing on such topics as Character, Personal Development, Confliction Resolution and the Foundation of Parenting

   To compliment her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology/Social Work and Masters Degree in Human Resource Management, with specialization in Training and Development, she holds certifications in Childbirth Education, Labor support, Lactation Consulting, and Infant Massage as well as being WestEd trained in the Program for Infant and Toddler Caregivers.  As a certified trainer in CHARACTER COUNTS! (Ethics education for families, schools and children), she views ethical behavior and personal development as the starting point for all endeavors.


   Brenda spent nine years in the child abuse field as Prevention and Education Director, and developed and presented sexual abuse prevention curriculum for the Los Angeles County Office of Education.  Serving as Outreach Director and Education/ Resource Specialist for St. Anne’s Maternity Home in Los Angeles, she provided a variety of parenting education trainings to staff, to pregnant and parenting teens, and to the community at large. One of her endeavors, The Power Project, which was a high school empowerment program focusing on pregnancy prevention and realities of parenting was featured on KCET’s Life and Times Show.  She has also worked professionally with probation youth and in the childcare field. As the Founding Executive Director of FIRST 5’s Conejo Valley Neighborhood for Learning, she worked tirelessly to build a community of empowerment, knowledge and support to strengthen families and build school readiness.


   Being committed to the ongoing investment in family, Brenda makes the care and understanding of infants her number one priority. She continues to advocate for informed pregnancies, peaceful labors, successful breastfeeding and nurturing newborn parenting as a way to help heal the human heart.

Feel free to contact Brenda for more information

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