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Brenda Hunter, Mother, Author,
Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, MS, CLC, CBE, CIMI

    A driving force for Brenda Hunter has always been to understand the profound nature of human interaction and the value of love, connection and acceptance. Having earned a degree in sociology/social work she began a career in the field of child abuse where that driving force exploded into a passion that has been her life’s mission ever since.

   With a determination to improve communication, empathy, and family dynamics, Brenda has provided services to thousands of children and parents which continues to humble her and strengthen her resolve in the human spirit. She specializes in parent education, child abuse prevention, infant/adolescent development, and pregnancy related issues.

   Brenda believes the way in which humans enter the world, how parents view their roles, and our individual abilities to grow beyond fear and judgement, sets the tone for deeper connection, greater acceptance, and joy. Knowing this, Brenda deepened her social work experience and education, by obtaining her Masters degree and receiving additional training from the California Department of Education, Josephson Institute of Ethics, and Hospice of the Conejo. She also holds certificates in childbirth education, labor support training and infant massage. She views ethical behavior, compassion and personal development as the starting point for all endeavors. As a Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and Mentor, the gifts of mindfulness meditation are at the core of all her programs.

  She is honored to have provided labor assistance in over 150 natural childbirth deliveries supporting empowerment, connection and the amazing skill of the newborn. Brenda is the founder of the Butterfly Center at Horizon Hills Parenting Program where she taught Childbirth Education Classes & Newborn Parenting Classes and provided lactation support to the breastfeeding mothers. To learn more about the center please visit

    Being committed to the ongoing investment in family, kindness and compassion, Brenda makes the care and understanding of infants and children her number one priority. She continues to advocate for informed pregnancies, peaceful labors, successful breastfeeding and nurturing newborn parenting as a way to help heal the human heart. She lives in Thousand Oaks, Ca with her husband, Chris and has one grown son.  Both “light up her life”, always.

To learn more about Brenda's professional experience and the services she offers please click here 

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