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Ryan Hunter

   Based in Los Angeles, Ryan Hunter is an award-winning photographer best known for his captivating documentary and dynamically lit portrait photographs of musicians and celebrities. His photos have appeared in prestigious publications such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, USA Today, and People magazine.

   Hunter’s passion for photography began over 20 years ago, when his stepdad gave him his first camera. In December 2002, Hunter graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree from the Brooks Art Institute, where he studied the technical science behind photography. While at Brooks, Hunter’s work accrued several awards and accolades for his outstanding photography achievements. Concurrently, Hunter worked as an assistant to photographer Larry Janss from 1998 to 2004. Under Janss’ direction, he studied the practice of Ansel Adams’ zone system for shooting black-and-white, fine tuning Hunter’s eye to see light in unconventional ways.

   Hunter often takes to the road for some solitude and the opportunity to use his mastery to capture the wonder and beauty of nature and its elements, creating some of his most revered photographs.

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