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Welcome to Mothering of All. Promoting peace, compassion, awareness and inner wisdom is a lofty undertaking and not one that was particularly planned. Reflecting on years of service with families and children, and while on the journey of writing Sacred Mothering, the idea of “mothering of all” began to evolve and take on a life of its’ own.

  As the stories came to me about the mother-child connection, they also began to expand to include the mothering of aging parents, friendships, teams, nature and beyond. Pondering the commonality and connection of all these experiences I focused on the meaning of mothering.  Words like treasuring, protecting, cherishing, nurturing, respecting and soul connection continued to come up.

   It became clear to me that the “act of mothering”, in every situation, starting with the mothering of self, could be the very thing to help heal the human heart.  We practice our mission of promoting peace, awareness, compassion and inner wisdom through written materials, speaking engagements and a variety of workshops.

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Brenda Hunter
Sacred Mothering by Brenda Hunter
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